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Well our first three shows are behind us and the Wolverines Sail for Kids Tour is away to a great start.

Our send off party at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia went off with a bang with everyone having a great time... the best part of the night was raising $2620 for the Youth Sailing Academy by auctioning our limited edition Wolverines canvas print (thankyou to Doyle's Sails), an Ocean & Earth travel pack, a Kookaburra Harbour Sail and a dinner donated by L'eat, the Club's caterers.

The following night at Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club in Newport was also a howling success, & again, a sell out . Thanks to some generous yachties we raised $1621 for Stewart House and our Sunday crowd at Gosford RSL managed to help us raise $1130 for the Children's Ward at Gosford Hospital .

At present we are sailing to Port Macquarie with an average 25kts from the SW..... we started out yesterday but 40+kts, 4.5m seas & heavy rain were a bit unpleasant so we waited for the wind & waves to abate before departing. One way or another we'll arrive in time for our show at Port Macquarie Panthers, where auction proceeds will go to the Oncology Section of the children's ward at the Port Macquarie Base Hospital . Following the Port Macquarie Concert we'll sail immediately for Coffs Harbour Ex-Services on Thursday 12th then another overnighter up to Queensland for the Brisbane & Southport gigs.

We'd like to send a big thankyou to:

  • Our sponsors Southern Cross Ten and Ocean & Earth
  • The audiences who have been so generous & supportive
  • All the auction bidders who dug deep to help kids


Proudly supported by Southern Cross TEN. 

They’re at it again… following the great success of their 2003 Sail for CF Kids Tour, the Wolverines are once more sailing north - Sydney to North Queensland and all ports in between. This time it’s the Wolverines Sail for Kids Tour, designed not just as a concert tour, but also to raise awareness and funds for less fortunate kids along the way.

The first concert (6th July) will be held at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney. After the show the Wolverines will board their 52ft Beneteau yacht HOLY COW! and, along with their entourage, head north.
HOLY COW! will be accompanied by other yachts (such as In Cahoots and DJ II Bos Global) making the trip north for Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island Race Weeks…. and just to spread a few smiles, before each gig the Wolves will be giving some disadvantaged kids the opportunity for a sailing experience. Then they’ll be up on stage to put on one hell of a show at night!

As well as performing at each venue, the Wolverines will also organise a short auction during interval, to raise funds for a needy child or a local children’s charity..

The Wolverines have previously brought Cystic Fibrosis under the spotlight with their hit song "65 Roses", but they want to do more to help kids in need…….

                                           Please support the ‘Wolverines Sail for Kids Tour



'Holy Cow' - It's us on the yacht!!! AaaaAHhhHOooooo!

Ray Hadley of 2GB giving our Wolverines Bandanna the thumbs up.

Darcy John & Chris with Louie Shelton at Tamworth.


Chris, Slim Newton, John & Darcy. Slim wrote the Original Redback before we got our hands on it.



We are happy to let you know that after only 10 weeks, 'Angel Eyes' shot to number 1 on the Top 30 Australian Country Tracks chart.... AAAaaaHhhhOooo!

'Angel Eyes' is on our new album, 'Good Times', which is available from all sensible record stores, and also on our website.

Look out for our next single, 'Up & Done Died', another track from this really successful album.


General Comments: It's hard to believe but it's all over. We have met some wonderful people along the way. The crowds at our concerts have been fantastic. Again we have met many families affected with C.F. and many C.F. sufferers. The L.J. Hooker people have all been so helpful and all we can say here is "Thank you Mr Hooker". To the Hog's Breath Cafes for looking after us hungry little wolves, the venues, the marinas, fellow yacthies, radio stations, TV news teams, press & media, and to everyone who helped in any way shape or form, Thank you.

Thank you also to Lisa whose speeches at the concerts touched the hearts of many people. Thanks Lisa.

A special thank you to John who came up with the 'Sail for CF Kids' idea in the first place and who worked relentlessly to bring this all to fruition. Without the help of our sponsors, L.J. Hooker, none of this would have been possible.

Darcy, Chris & John would also like to thank the best PA guy in Australia, Ray Beaton from WB Speaker Systems, for working his butt off to set up, carry and look after the PA and their instruments on the trip, and always with a smile on his face. Thanks heaps Ray.

A big huge thank you to all from "A Little Bit of Country" who have supported us along the way. We all look forward to seeing the special which will be aired on "A Little Bit of Country" in the near future. Watch out for it. A special thank you to Eric, cameraman turned crew member who never took that camera off his shoulder.

Thank you Kim for all you have done behind the scenes, as well as the navigating, the cooking, your camera work and everything else you manage to help with.

Last but not least, I never asked them but I reckon they might like to thank me for being the most wonderful merchandiser in the whole wide world! I bet they would probably thank me for updating the website to, damn, they just never say it. Well from my side, I love it and I will say “thanks for the opportunity”.

General Comments: We are happy to announce that with the exceptional support of the LJ Hooker organisation, and all the venues help we received along the way, we raised in excess of $100,000 for Cystic Fibrosis Australia. Thank you all for supporting us. God Bless.

Day 29: Arrived back at Mackay and off to the Yacht Club for a "that's it " dinner. A nice meal, a few good drinks, and the good company made it a very memorable night. The boys sung a few songs (a capella) you know Mazda style, without background music. Dawn chased Eric around the room with an empty wine bottle on her shoulder, asking him heaps of questions for her TV special called - "The Night I Had too Much to Drink". Someone kept bringing these jugs of rum to our table, the mix, 95% rum and 5% coke. Then as I remember, Kim, Dawn and Eric had some liqueurs or something very strong..... That's it..................... What a wonderful experience.

Tomorrow we head north to Airlie Beach for the Annual Hogs Breath Tropical Shirt Regatta.

Day 28: Well this is it, our last concert day. The Wolverines abandon the yacht and join the road crew to travel to Townsville for the last concert. Wow the Playpen Niteclub is an awesome venue. Chris by now an experienced auctioneer, performed tonight's auction. An emotional speech from Cystic Fibrosis CEO, Terry Stewart and on with the last bracket and that's it. Sadly, it's all over.

Day 27: Arrived at Mackay at 7.30 am and were welcomed by Bernard and Cheryl from the Mackay Yacht Club.

Mackay has always been very kind to us crowd wise, so it was no surprise to be told we had a sold out concert. Thanks Mackay. Tonight the crew decided to join us roadies and have their meal at the South's Football Club with us. After filling ourselves up with delicious food, it was on with the show. What a good night.

You know along the way, our Chrissie has helped the L.J. Hooker auctioneers by spotting the bidders in the crowd. Well tonight no auctioneer was available, soooooooo, Chris became the Auctioneer Extraordinaire and what a good job he did. We did not realise that he had been understudying the L.J. Hooker auctioneers behind our backs. Anyway, Chris got his chance and sold the plaque for $2,500. Good effort Chris. At this point we would like to say hello to Tracey, the hairdresser, for insisting that her dad get the plaque.

Day 26: Yacht departed Rosslyn Bay at 9 am. Had a nice wind on a pleasant day. Had our first running repair to the vang. Darcy, the mechanic, (help) and Kim, the grease monkey, managed to fix it with Gaffa Tape. I swear, anything a musician breaks can be repaired with Gaffa Tape. Now I was very upset today----- they nearly lost my Darc overboard. If you guys like your balls, you wouldn't want that to happen...

Today's yacht trip was faster. Who mentioned warmer weather? What has happened to Far North Queensland? Today turned out to be bitterly cold.

Day 25: Concert night at Lee Kernaghan's Great Western Hotel at Rocky. This is an awesome venue. The concert was held in the Bull Riding arena. The hospitality here was fantastic. Thank you one and all for making us feel so welcome.

A special hello to all our Central Highlands Hoggies friends who turned up tonight. Good to see you again Bill & Lyn. What about that - The Dalton's choosing to ride their Harley's around the USA when we come to town. Simply not on Gary and Vicky!

Darcy would like to say thanks to Graham Howells from "Musicians Pro Shop" for fixing his guitar. Thanks mate.

More useless trivia: Did you know? When other yachts pass the Boardroom, all on board moo at us. They must think we are cows.

Day 24: R & R at Rockhampton....... Not telling anyone what mischief us little Wolves got up to today.

Day 23: Yacht departed Gladstone at 1 pm en route to Rosslyn Bay near Yeppoon. Today they crossed over the Tropic of Capricorn and into the warmer weather. Arrived at 8 pm and us roadies joined them on board for another nice a la Clinton dinner. John and Kim stayed on board the yacht and we all headed off to Rockhampton to the motel.

More useless trivia: Did you know? The crew on this yacht eat more chocolates and jelly snakes than normal food.

Day 22: The yacht weighed a bit more when it pulled out of Bundaberg at 1 am. I guess that's because of all that Bundi Rum I saw them sneak aboard. A brilliant south westerly had the yacht sailing along up to 30 knots, which is really moving for the Boardroom. I'm told that it was "bloody cold out there". None the less it was a beautiful night and the water temperatures were up a few degrees. Chris and Darcy were doing really well on night watch tonight. Could that be because Kim took down the dodger and perhaps with the cold wind blowing in their faces it was difficult to nod off. Good thinking Kim. Arrived in Gladstone at 2.30 pm.

Our concert in Gladstone was sold out which surprised us all as Russell Crowe's Band was performing in Gladstone as well. You guys will never ever ever believe this but it is the truth. We got a call from Russell's manager inviting us to take our audience over to his concert and share the night with him. This was at 6 pm and our concert was due to start at 7 pm. A tad difficult but it made us feel good....we were sold out, obviously he wasn't!! A special hello to Acrista and her mum, the very popular losing bidder for the plaque tonight. Acrista has C.F. and her mum endeared herself to all at the Yaralla Sports Club when she just wouldn't give up until she really had to.

General Comments: Gosh it's hot up here. Race fever is heating up for The Annual 'Hogs Breath Tropical Shirt Regatta'. Will the 'Boardroom' win a race? Wish you could all be here to cheer us on.

More useless trivia: Did you know? If you are a female and you hitch a ride on the "Boardroom" - your a BITCH Hiker. Yep, that's what they called me.

Day 21: Sadly, we say farewell to Hervey Bay and the Yacht with all on board, except Eric, departed at 8.30 am. Destination Bundaberg.

Eric decided it was time to see how the hard working land crew managed. Besides, he mentioned in passing how he thought that Ray and I were born to be in the movies in other words it's our time to face the camera. Stopped at a roadside cafe where the hospitality was awesome. Thanks for the guavas and that jam was beautiful.

Yacht arrived at Port Bundaberg at 2.30 pm, and was met by the sea cadets from the 'Young Endeavour'. The crew were ecstatic as they had a decent wind and were under sail almost the whole way. A big huge thank you to Dave & Joanie, the whiting was superb and by far the best meal so far on board.

Set up time at the 'Across the Waves' Club in Bundi. Special hello to Ken, L.J. Hooker auctioneer from Bargara Beach. I won't, I promise, tell anybody that you hung the L.J. Hooker flag up back to front! Of course if you were real skinny and could fit between the wall and the flag!!!!! Thanks for being a good sport Ken, and also thanks for being Kim's & John's limo driver for the night.

Concert was a huge success. A good crowd of fun people.

More useless trivia: Did you know? That Lisa eats the same amount as Chris. That's what she said on stage during one or two of her speeches.

Day 20: Lisa and Dawn's 'Big Day Out' at Fraser Island. Did we pick up! Yep we had guys hanging around us all day....we wish! We travelled by ferry to Moon Point where we caught a 4WD Bus and drove across the largest sand island in the world. Lisa was disappointed because we didn't see any wild life beyond ants, a small preying mantis and she swears she saw a bird. The rainforest was beautiful and the drive up the beach (the largest unsealed highway that doubles as an airstrip, in the world), was fantastic. Eli Creek was spectacular and cool literally! It was very deep and crystal clear.... Lisa managed to get Dawn wet. Lisa has longer legs than Dawn and chose the deep part to wade across. Dawn - not amused!!!!! After cleaning our jewellery in the pure silica of one of Fraser Island's perched lakes - we slept the whole way down this very rugged track and caught the ferry back to Hervey Bay. A good fun day.

Dinner and drinks at the Yacht Club with the poor boys who ran errands and did the chores all day! Kim arrived back from Sydney.

More useless trivia: Did you know? That Eric's camera is glued to his shoulder. I reckon he thinks it's a parrot and he's a Pirate.

Day 19: A little R & R during the day and before long it was time to go to the club for set up. We met the guys from KIKS FM, who put on a barbecue to start the night. How lucky are you people in Queensland to have such good Country Music Radio Stations. Wish we had some in Sydney! Kim had to head off down to Brisbane to catch a plane to Sydney the next morning, work calling!

What a fantastic gig. The people at the Hervey Bay Yacht Club were there to have a good time and they did. The staff looked great dressed in all those Wolves T-shirts. The atmosphere was simply the best. The boys were in top form.

How about that Club. Towards the end of the night, they announced that the members were donating $2,000 to C.F. Thank you so much....You guys have big hearts.

More useless trivia: Did you know? That Kim is the only person on the yacht - including Shoni, who doesn't snore.

General Comments: Just to explain a few things... When the yacht is moored at the Marinas, Darcy & Chris get to sleep in a motel. Most nights John and Kim are alone on board with Shoni. Most nights, Lisa and Eric also stay in motels, but some nights they choose to stay on board.

To date - No burly overboard by any crew member, in fact NO crew member overboard, that is other than Shoni. No on board murders, no fights, just stories from the sea. Everyone seems to be having a good time.

Check again tomorrow. There will be more!

Day 18: Yacht departs from Mooloolaba at 4.15 am. Gawd I hate these early mornings, can't we organise the tides to suit us! Today's run was to be a long one as there was an unfriendly tide. (They are all pretty unfriendly if you ask me). I'm told that the crew didn't look too bright this morning, why nobody even wanted breakfast. To cheer all on board up a little, they saw a few whales travelling alongside the yacht and much to Lisa's delight - dolphins frolicking around. We weren't making enough speed to create a big bow wave so unfortunately the dolphins got bored with us pretty quickly.

The Hervey Bay markers are known to be a little confusing, this plus an easily confused Volvo Driver at the Helm was a little disconcerting. Whats red and whats green Darcy? Oh that's right there back to front here. Had to call on Eric who's younger and betterer eyesight would save the day.

Arrived at magnificent Hervey Bay at 8 pm. The hospitality at Hervey Bay was unbelievable. The yacht was berthed in the prime location, right in front of the club. When we arrived there was a huge welcoming crowd and all the front lights of the club were on.... looked so nice.

More useless trivia: Did you know? That I picked up a Sailor at 14 ports of call. (By now I think Darcy qualifies to be called a Sailor). Got tongues wagging then I bet..........

Day 17: Yacht departs Redcliffe at 6 am for a short sail to Mooloolaba. The crew were really impressed with the beautiful sunrise as they sailed out of Moreton Bay. Mooloolaba channel entrance to the river was a bit of a challenge. There was a boat moving the marker bouys making it difficult to know what to do. Whatever they did was obviously right because they berthed at Mooloolaba at 1.30 pm. Me, well I got back from Sydney okay and arrived at Caloundra around 4 pm, just in time to set up the merch for tonight’s concert at the Power Boat Club.

Good crowd turned up to support the cause. Joanie was back to bare her rubber Boobs, for the last time on this tour. The crowd loved it.

Useless trivia: Did you know? That there are more than 2,000 tell tails on the yacht...all of them are attached to John's chin.

Day 16: Another early morning, another early flight as back to Brisbane we fly. I had time to drop our three wonder boys back to Redcliffe and I had to turn around and go back to the Airport as I had a meeting in Sydney at 4.30 pm. It was good to catch up with Zac for the night. Dad and I miss you heaps Zaccy. (Wished you hadn't been in Manilla Lisa, cos I would have loved to have seen you too).

R & R day for the crew in Redcliffe today. Lisa is not too happy today - Armin had to go home. Poor Lisa.

Day 15: Are we mad or what? Today the Wolves and I left the CF Tour and at some ungodly hour in the morning drove to the Brisbane Airport and caught a plane to Cairns to perform at the Mossman Show. Mossman is an hour or so North of Cairns so we had to drive there. We called into friends, Chrissie and Ian's place for lunch. You have never seen such a lovely spread of food. Even the hungry Wolves couldn't put a dent in it. Thank you both so much, your hospitality was overwhelming.

After lunch we continued on to Mossman, had a rest, then off to the Show. Shortly

after the show started and John was singing 'Nobody Rides My Harley but Me' to the delight of the crowd, a dozen or so Harleys lined up in front of the stage. Thanks guys. We had a good time at Mossman, thanks to all involved.

Day 14: Tonight’s concert at Redcliffe was another good night. A special hello to good friend Annette who turns up at a lot of the Queensland gigs. Good to see you Annette. Highlight - was catching up with 3 and a half year old CF Sufferer, Madline. Normally we see Madline at Lismore so it was a pleasant surprise for us. Thank you for the picture with all the roses on it Madline. It has a prime position on board the yacht.

Now Lisa, who put that big smile on your face? Yes, very, very, very good friend (maybe one more very) Armin, arrived from Sydney yesterday. Wondered why you weren't on the yacht! A special thanks to the Hogs Breath Cafe for your $200 donation to CF.

Day 13: 10 am set sail for Redcliffe minus crew member, Lisa who will rejoin the yacht at Redcliffe. Yacht pulled into Redcliffe at 8 pm. Funny that, it only took me less than 2 hours to drive there. Anyway, Ray and I and my friends, Judy & Mervyn from Ipswich, went on down to the yacht and joined all on board for a lovely steak dinner that Kim had prepared for us all. We all had a good night, with a little help from the wine!

Day 12: Today we got to play hosts to the L.J. Hooker competition winners, Marie & Keith Harris from Cowra, NSW. They came out on the yacht with us and L.J. Hooker Regional Area Manager, Steve Warrod. We were also happy to have young Josh, his mum Carolyn and his sister on board. We met Josh at Beaudesert earlier this year and we were real happy to catch up with him again. Josh has not been all that well lately and hopefully the day out on the yacht cheered him up a little. After a nice afternoon on the harbour, it was time to prepare for the Southport Sharks Concert.

Another good concert. Highlight -- young Brody succeeded in getting Mum and Dad to bring him to the concert. Never believe this but Brody, red bandanna on head, got up on stage and played a drum solo. Good for you Brody..... Keep on practicing and we'll be coming to see you on stage someday.

General Comments: So sorry this is a bit late. It's pretty hard to keep updating the website on the road. Now that we are in Airlie Beach on a few days R. & R., we can catch up on these chores. Oh such hardships !!!!! At a resort in Airlie Beach with temperatures up around 29 degrees. Oh my gosh, some of us have a hard life. Now, after the brag, it's on with the news......................................................................

Day 11: R & R at Southport.... John & Kim invited us all, including Ray and myself, to join them on a day's sail to Sanctuary Point. We had lunch with Earl (Kim's Dad), Pat, Margie & Peter.

After filling our tummies, we headed home dodging sand bars as we progressed. Half way home, we saw Wolves friend, Keith Glover, with his fully restored, 1923 60ft Ketch the 'Wraith of Odin', stuck on a sand bank. We couldn't help him without getting stuck ourselves, so as we waved farewell, Kim radioed him to find out if we could perhaps send out a couple of beers. We then listened as Keith displayed an enormous amount of patience as he proceeded to call for help with the amazingly uncooperative coast guard person. Poor Keith! Home to watch the State of Origin.... On yer Queensland --- a good win. Shush - The NSW fans might read this!!!!

Day 10: R & R at Southport.... After a relaxing day, Eric, Chris, Ray, Darcy and I joined Kim and John for a meal at Grumpy's Restaurant on the Marina. We had some good fun with the waiter Ryan, who much to our delight displayed why the joint was called Grumpy's. We gave him heaps and he in turn gave us heaps back. Hey Ryan, you grumpy old thing, we'll be backkkkkkkkkkkkk.

John, Darcy & Chris met young CF sufferer Brody on the phone. They had a little chat and convinced him to get mum and dad to bring him along to the Southport Concert.

Day 9: R & R at Southport.... A couple of Wolverines, guess which?, slept for hours on end.

Day 8: Yacht pulled into Mariner's Cove Marina around 10 o'clock. Ray and I, joined by Lisa's mum, Carol, and dad, Graham, along with her Nan and Pop and Aunt & Uncle, were among the welcoming crowd as the yacht pulled into berth. Graham and Carol travelled up from Sydney to spend a week in Southport with Lisa. I think they missed your Lisa! Chris, Darcy, Eric and I had a quick snack at Grumpy's Restaurant, before heading to the motel for a quick change for the nights concert.

Tonight's concert at this fantastic venue, Seagulls at Tweed Heads, was captured by a six camera crew from 'A Little Bit of Country'. Harley's graced the magnificent stage
and Joanie, John's mum, turned up for 'Mama's Got Her Boobs Out'. A happy ending also for the losing bidder at the Coff's & Port concert's, when he managed to secure the plaque over the phone, for $5,500. What a good sport to keep on trying.

Darcy, Chris and John, would like to thank all those Harley owner's for lending us the bike's for the night, as well as Les and his crew from 'A Little Bit of Country' for being so patient with us. Special thanks to Eric, our own personal cameraman and crew member.

Day 7: Wow, we got to sleep in a bit, and departed Coffs at 10.45. We discovered that the "Boardroom", rather liked Coffs Harbour and maybe wanted to stay, that's when we hit the sand as we were going through the breakwater. With a little bit of encouragement, we were on our way to Southport. Our overnight sail was uneventful in perfect conditions. Road crew, Ray & I, arrived in rainy Southport --- Queensland, beautiful one day perfect the next!! Kae and I had coffees at Coffs shopping centre, after getting drastically lost, and then said our goodbyes.

Day 6: Departed Port MacQuarie and arrived at Coffs Harbour at 3.15 pm. All on board got rather wet as we came into Coffs, and - as wet as, we were greeted by heaps of media people, including TV, Radio and local press, as well as the L.J. Hooker people. After having dinner at the local 'Hogs Breath Cafe', it was off to the gig. A capacity crowd filled the Catholic Club auditorium, for a great concert. Lisa's touching speech lead on to an awesome auction which tonight raised an enormous $7,000. Good on you Coffs Harbour - This was simply the best! Kim, Kae and I managed to cause a stir at the bar when we asked for 3 Margarita's. You know, I reckon the website gave the barman the wrong recipe girls - never got that happy on Margaritas before!

We would like to thank, firstly the club for their donation, the Marina for donating the berth, and last but not least, the barman who adorned Mama's Boobs for the song, 'Mama's Got Her Boobs Out'. You truly were a good sport!

Apology: You know what it's like when you take someone and make them a big STAR and from that moment forward all you get is complaints!!! As it is with L.J. Hooker staff member Ben OSBORN.... It seems that I made a BooBoo in spelling the 'Mama's Boobs' stars name. Many apologies Ben, I have amended all incorrect spelling. "Ben, Don't look now Dawnie's spelt your name wrong".

General Comments: Catching up on some of the news today was quite educational. On board the yacht, all and sundry gathered around offering their snippets of information, while I typed rapidly. I learned that on their shift one night, Kim caught Eric & Darcy napping. I learned that Darcy and Shoni sleep the most, I further learned that one night the crew drove John to drink a couple of beers. To date, all has been well and spirits are high.

Day 5: Depart Port Stephen's heading North to Port Macquarie. This is our longest day so far, with 90 nautical miles to sail. Departed at 1 am and arrived at Port around 4 pm. Kim comments "We have a crew of sleepers and not sailors, at least John stays awake on his watch." I think she means that Darcy and Chris sleep an awful lot. I know there is a story behind those words somewhere. It was really nice to catch up with Kae, who was on holiday at Port. I managed to convince her to come up to Coffs Harbour tomorrow.

Wow what a concert. At every concert L.J. Hooker have been auctioning a framed commemorative plaque. Tonight we raised an amazing $6,500. It was really exciting. There are 14 of these plaques, one auctioned at each concert. This has made them pretty valuable to genuine collectors of memorabilia.

Along the way Lisa has been catching up with a lot of CF sufferers at the shows and sharing her positive attitude with them.

Yet another generous Marina giving the Boardroom the night for free. It might seem small but every little bit helps.

The Commodore of the CYC Yacht Club in Sydney phoned John to see how we were going. Thanks for your concern and support.

Day 4: Depart Newcastle. We got to see our first humpback whales. It was a real highlight for Lisa as this was the first time she had seen whales. The whales are all heading North in the same destination as us. We continue to see them along the way, even though they are a bit slower than us.

The Hogs Breath Cafe overlooks the harbour and many people joined us for dinner there. The Hogs Breath have been supplying our whole crew with dinners along the way. Thank you guys! "The food is bloody beautiful" says Darcy. "The best blackened prime rib in the world" says John, and Chris says "I love those hogs tails".

Soldiers Point Bowling Club was the venue for our show here. A huge crowd came along to support us. Thanks to the Bowlers for their generous donation towards the tour, and a special thanks to the club for looking after our road crew so well.

Day 3: Concert at ClubNova in Newcastle. Much to everyone's surprise, L.J. Hooker staff member, Ben Osborn, bared his rubber boobs through the song, 'Mama's Got Her Boobs Out'. Your a good sport Ben.

Newcastle was really good we got met by NBN TV, and became part of that nights news bulletin. Thank you Melinda. (We actually met Melinda when she hosted our kids concert in Tamworth during the CM Festival, and she organised this shoot for us in Newcastle.)

Shoni, the dog ended all speculation and all bets were off, as she dived overboard. According to Ray Hadley, Darcy was going to be the first - sorry Ray you lost your bet.

Some stories are starting to evolve from Eric who backs up what he is saying by having it all on video tape. We just cannot wait to see this one hour special on 'A Little Bit of Country', when all will be revealed.

Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club would not take any money for the mooring of the yacht. Thank you guys, you have good hearts.

Day 2: The gentle sailing introduction from Pittwater to Newcastle.

Perfect conditions and John went through the safety procedures with those on board. John reports that so far he is happy with Chris & Darcy,s performance. They had a little rough weather when things got a bit hairy, but apart from that - all went well.

Day 1: Sunday July 6th. Friends, families, L.J. Hooker Management and Staff and Cystic Fibrosis Officials gathered at the Cruising Yacht Club in Sydney, to farewell the yacht as they set sail for the Whitsundays. On board, Lisa Martin - CF Sufferer, Eric Martin - Cameraman from TV Show, 'A Little Bit of Country', Shoni - The Doggie, Kim & John, Chris & Darcy. At around 2.30 pm, the yacht set sail. "Sailing Away, Sailing Away, Sailing Away with the tide............."


Crew Members: John Clinton – Skipper and Boss Man.
Kim Cardow – Navigator and Chief Cook.
Darcy LeYear – Shadow.
Chris Doyle – Whale Spotter.
Lisa Martin – Eater of chocolate - CF Sufferer.
(Not related to Eric).
Eric Martin – Cameraman for a ‘Little Bit of Country’. (Not related to Lisa).
Shoni – The Guard Doggie.

Road Crew: Dawn LeYear – Merchandiser – Road Crew.
Ray Beaton – PA and Road Crew.

Coach: Neville Wittey
For Darcy, Chris & Lisa.

Recently at the Annual MO Awards, we won the Best Country Band Award, for the second time in a row. Unfortunately we weren't there to collect our award as we were on tour in Victoria.

2002 - 30th Golden Guitar Awards in Tamworth the Wolverines were awarded their first Golden Guitar for Best Vocal Group or Duo!!!!

As well as the Golden Guitar for Group of the Year, we were in the Top 5 spots for Aria Song of the Year & Video of the Year.. Our Win: Well you should have heard the audience go off, we were a very popular win, what's more on the same night the Wolves rode up the red carpet on Greg Skewes' 1942 Harley Davidson outfit to perform their gold Hit Single "65 Roses" to both a packed Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre and a National Television audience.

The Wolverines were awarded their first Golden Guitar for Best Vocal Group or Duo!!!!

As well as the Golden Guitar for Group of the Year, we were in the Top 5 spots for Aria Song of the Year & Video of the Year.. Our Win: Well you should have heard the audience go off, we were a very popular win, what's more on the same night the Wolves rode up the red carpet on Greg Skewes' 1942 Harley Davidson outfit to perform their gold Hit Single "65 Roses" to both a packed Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre and a National Television audience.

New CD "WOLVERINES & ROSES" is released at Tamworth.

May 2002, ’65 Roses’ was released in New Zealand. It immediately charted and on the 26th of May it shot to Number 1 on the New Zealand Charts.

Recently at the Annual MO Awards, we won the Best Country Band Award, for the first time. Unfortunately we weren't there to collect our award as we were on tour in Lightning Ridge.

November 11, 2001 the Wolves were awarded an ARIA Gold Single for sales of "65 Roses" in excess of 35,000.

We have more than fulfilled our dreams for this single release....... topping the Country Singles chart for weeks, No. 1 on the MusicCountry Video Hits, making the ARIA Singles charts, reaching Gold Single status. 3 Golden Guitar Finalist spots for Best Vocal Group or Duo, Aria Song of the Year and Best Video.

"65 Roses" and Ray Hadley:- A big thank you to Ray Hadley for giving our single a burst on the John Laws Show for over a week, and getting behind the movement to raise awareness of Cystic Fibrosis in general. There were heaps of discussions about CF that went nation-wide and gave Australians a real insight into the lives of the kids who have the condition. You've got a big heart Ray- Thanks!

L.J. Hooker you truly "are the best":- L.J. Hooker (Official Sponsors of Cystic Fibrosis Australia) have supported and promoted the 65 Roses Awareness campaign. Good on you guys..... you are Corporate Heroes!!!!

Konichiwa! Tammy Miller, the entertainment officer, from the American Marines based at Camp Foster in Okinawa Japan, was desperately looking for the Wolverines who sung the song ‘Gonna Ride All Night Long’, on CMT. After approaching all the agents she knew in the USA, she realised that the band came from Australia. She desperately wanted them to work at their Annual Hansen Hoedown, which involves all the American Marine bases in Okinawa. They decided that since the Wolverines were going to be there they would have a special Harley Davidson Show & Shine Competition.

So, late August, the 3 little Wolves boarded an international flight, bound for Japan. They arrived at Kinsai Airport in Osaka. All was well. They then boarded a Japanese domestic flight to the island of Okinawa, only to be told that they were flying directly into a cyclone and the pilot was going to try and land in it. Three scared little Wolves began to pray, fast! They arrived at a deserted airport as Tammy thought that the plane wouldn’t be able to land. Scary stuff!

The gig was great. Taking our breed of Country Music to the Americans was scary stuff too. But we survived. The Marines really enjoyed our music and our style of entertainment.

Apart from our performance we also judged the competitions for the ‘Best Looking Harley’ and the Annual Chilli Cook off.

It was a Sunday afternoon and Darcy was doing a one man band gig at Wisemens Ferry Hotel. John turned up at the hotel on the Harley. They got to chatting and Darcy managed to talk John out of retirement. (He hadn’t played drums for close on 20 years). Darcy thought it might be a good idea to start a band and told John about this really good keyboard player that he knew, a guy named Chris. Well the three of them got together in November 1993, had a rehearsal, and together they thought that maybe this concept could just work. And that I guess was when the Wolverines were born.

Meanwhile, John had been working on an installation of a Neon Sign at the Tamworth Services Club. He had become pretty friendly with then Manager, Peter Schroeder. Peter was showing John through the club, and the last place they visited was downstairs, which John immediately called the Dungeon. This room hadn’t been used for many, many years. John’s mind began to tick! He said to Peter that he knew of a group that could fill this room every night of the Country Music Festival. Peter didn’t quite believe John…. He asked for it in writing!!! Both the club & the Wolverines decided to take the risk, and with that the Dungeon at Tamworth Services Club became our first gig.

Our first night in the Dungeon we were really discouraged; Only about 15 people turned up, and our small room started to look very, very, very large. Well, the next night feeling a little deflated we turned up at the Services Club for round two. We couldn’t get into the club via the front door as there were queues of people out into the street. Well we were shuttled in through the door downstairs and asked the Services Club Manager, Peter Schroeder, what the queue was about? Can you imagine our surprise when he said, “They’re here to see you Guys”.

And that was the beginning!

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