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Hello Everyone,

Finally! It's time to meet our new Band Members.

After much deliberation and soul searching we have chosen Shane Nichamin , (middle top), and Darren Lane , (front) to continue the Wolverines' sound. Shane plays bass & does vocals and Darren is on keyboards & vocals.

With a wealth of experience, both Shane (Shot to Pieces and Acousticatz) and Darren (Transtar & Wade Jackson and the Champions League) are successful, talented, musicians & songwriters. (Have a look at more detailed bios on our website).

The 4 of us have been rehearsing seriously for several weeks now and, although we've been having serious fun, it has been tough work for Shane & Darren, learning all our Wolverines' songs (& getting used to us) but they are amazing!

The revitalised Wolverines will be performing all your favourites but we have some real surprises to come! Better have your milkshakes before your next Wolves gig!!!

The first opportunity for most of you to experience our new lineup will be when we perform aboard Cruisin' Country's “Rhapsody of the Seas ”, in October 2014…. www.cruisincountry.com.au if you haven't booked yet.

Hope to see you at sea, if not sooner!

Darcy & John.....



We were very saddened to hear of the passing of our good mate Noel Watson on Thursday. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ren and family. Noel sang Que Sera, Sera with us on our 'Making Tracks' album. He also joined us on stage at Tamworth for our 2004 Concerts.

He was a great guy with a great voice and a lot of people are going to miss him terribly. He didn't want a funeral, just a piss up, so we have organised a "Salute to Noel Watson" at the Tamworth Festival in January, just a stage, a bar and breakfast at the Ritz Restaurant on Tuesday the 21st at 9.30am. All are welcome to join us reminisce, and raise a glass in memory of Noel. If you would like to attend, please email us at merchandise@wolverines.com.au

R.I.P. Noel



Chris has chosen to retire from the band, so the Wolverines as you have known them for the past 21 years, will perform their final show in February 2014.

Darcy & John however, are keeping their options open..... Watch this space and be prepared for surprises!

Darcy & John are already putting together a very special show for Cruisin' Country 2014 - we will keep you posted with updates.



We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Happy New Year.

Darcy, Chris & John and all of us here in the Wolves Den.

See you at Tamworth!!



For the first time we have made some merchandise specials available on our website. Just click on the link below to be taken directly to the specials page. We will keep adding a few products over the next few weeks so make sure you keep checking. http://www.wolverines.com.au/products.php?cat=7


Wow, it's not long now and we will be back at work starting off with our visit to Victoria. We are really looking forward to it. Gosh I hope we recognise each other when we get to Victoria. It's been a while since we have seen each other.... The cruise is not long away either and we know that our wives are really looking forward to that gig. Should be fun times ahead. See you all soon.......


As a result of todays Gig Guide we have received many emails re our reference to Jimmy Buffet's 'Sea Cruise'. Yes, we do know that it was made a hit in the 50's by Frankie Ford. "Hello" we weren't even born then...... Well!! Also think it was covered by several other artists but at the end of the day, in November the Wolverines are still going on a Sea Cruise. Oo-ee Baby!



Our congratulations go to Warren H. Williams who last weekend received the Red Ochre Award which is Australia's highest Peer Award for Indigenous Artists.

Chris, John, Darcy & Warren on our float at Tamworth.

For those of you who attended our gigs at Tamworth 2012 Warren was our guest artist and we are sure that you will all agree that he put on a great show......

Well done Warren!  



Here we are at Tamworth. Having fun at the Concerts and around town. This year Louie Shelton and Warren H Williams are our special guests and they are the best. Here are a few photo's taken out and about.


Chris, Louie, John, Darcy and Warren 'obviously' parked in a 'NO STANDING' zone! Great bike Warren but did we forget to tell you that 'Nobody Rides John's Harley'?

And talking about Bikes...

At Bikes & Bits Tamworth just before the Annual North West HOG Wolverines Poker Run.

Us looking cool at Bikes & Bits, Tamworth.

Checking out the 'Harley' clothing.....

MMMMmmm - Not your size!

Bike looks great. What else can you say about this pic?

Us with our Tamworth Promo girls Tiarne and Dannika. Great job girls, thanks heaps. Love your Tee Shirts!!

Darcy & John with Honni Perryman outside OPSM in Tamworth. Thanks Honni, once again the window display looked great and we really appreciate your continued support.

OPSM staff Sonia, Racquel & Honni and us outside OPSM. Yes, we are all wearing Sunnies purchased from OPSM...

This was our poster in the 'Northern Daily Leader'.

Now crossing over to TRECC for the Concert we held there On Australia Day.

Louie Shelton, Darcy, Warren H Williams, John & Chris on stage at TRECC. What an awesome shot. Special thanks to Kim Cardow for supplying all these great shots over the Tamworth 2012 festival.

Louie with Darcy on stage. Louie looks as if he is getting right into it.....

John, drumming up a storm...

Chris maybe drinking a little 'Tequila', or maybe talking a little 'bullshit in Spanish'.... OLE!!!

John, Warren H Williams, Darcy with Warren's son Jasper. Jasper had the cutest smile in Tamworth and certainly looks a bit like a 'chip off the old block'.........

Olivia, Abbey & Mia with us after the TRECC concert. Very cute girls!

Last but not least!

These three guys, Ian in the Orange, Billy in the Purple and Matthew in the Red, voluntarily manned the door at our concerts at the Services Club. They are the best! But being as we get the last say on the matter - Ian the carrot, Billy the purple pumpkin and Matt the tomato - thank you guys, we love you all. AAaaaaaHHHhhOOooooo!



We would like to wish you and your families and friends a Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Happy New Year.

We thank you all for your support in 2011 and hope to see you somewhere in 2012.

Darcy, Chris & John and all of us here in the Wolves Den.



Wow, It is just over a month until Tamworth 2012. This year we are lucky to have Warren H. Williams and Louie Shelton joining us on stage for all our shows. It will be fun! We have a mega family concert at the Jayco Country Theatre on Australia Day which gives the kids an opportunity to come along and see us.

See you there!!!!! 


Thought we would let you know that you can now check us out on Facebook. You can add your favourite photos of you with us, if you like, and write some 'nice things' about us on there!!!!!! It can be good fun so make sure you contribute...... Our link is http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/TheWolverines

Also, if you would like to download any of our albums or songs from iTunes check out our Links Page, or simply click here to be directed Links Page.



Thursday night at Temora Ex Services Club started our weekend of fun and catching up with friends we haven't seen for a while. Every show needs a doorman. Temora - no exceptions so Ross Winfield, Director of the club, was given the position. Well done Ross!!!! Special thanks to Danni who looked after us so well.

Easy to pick Ross, he's the one with no facial hair!!!

Friday night at the Burns Club in Kambah. It was great to see Graham & Helen, Christine, Helen & Sue and Al. Thanks guys..... Also we managed to catch up with long time friend, Betty. Now Betty hasn't been too well lately and family and friends advised her to stay at home this night. Betty wouldn't have a bar of it and came anyway... Now, Betty's only regret, she couldn't quite manage being John's mum in 'Mummas Boobs'.....

"Betty" with her Boys.

We love you Betty.... It was great to see you and you are in the "Top 5 Best Boob Displayers" of all time....... Thanks to Robyn & Barry for sending us the pic.

The Commercial Club in Albury on Saturday night. What a great night. We caught up with so many friends we haven't seen for yonks. Thank you all for coming along and making this a memorable night.

We had a great weekend and hope you all did too. We would like to thank all of you from Temora, Kambah and Albury for coming along and supporting us. We would also like to thank the management and staff of the Temora Ex Services Club, The Burns Club in Kambah and the Commercial Club in Albury for your hospitality. We would also like to thank Tom from 'Production House' for the sound and lighting. Well done.....

nb. If you have a photo taken with Darcy, Chris & John that you would like to share with our news readers, please email it to merchandise@wolverines.com.au





Or email us - Click here


Well the good news wins...... We have a gig in, Laverton - WEST AUSTRALIA, the bad news is; it's not in Victoria as stated on our gig guide. I hope I am allowed to make a mistake once every other blue moon......

But.... there is good news coming up for our many friends in Victoria. I think if you keep checking the Gig Guide some Victorian dates may appear within the next few days. Smile..............



As we write this Tamworth 2011 is done and gone. There are still some lucky people who got to go and see Kenny Rogers but that will pretty much be the end. I am not going to tell you which Wolverine & his Wife are sitting in his concert at present, but he is the one with the long beard..... Woops, now you will know!

Here are a few more photo's of our time at the festival....

Chris, Chris, Darcy & John at one of our Matinees. Chris & his mum are regular visitors to our concerts in Tamworth. We love you Chris & my you look good in the new Tee Shirt.

OPSM's shop window in Tamworth. Doesn't it look great? We did a meet and greet here daily at midday. A special thank you to Honni & her staff for being so nice to us during the festival.

Marian 'fiddling' with the Wolverines. Thanks Marian, your first class!

Marian is so full of energy it tires you out just watching her. Poor girl had to put up with the guys putting shit on her Kiwi accent. Husband Phull (Phil) was on hand to make sure it didn't get out of control.... It was a pleasure having Marian at our concerts..........

Chris on stage..........

John on stage.......

Darcy on stage........

Emily & Letitia caught up with John to have a photo taken. Aren't they cute?

John & Darcy with the 'HOG' Ladies... (You can see a bit of the float in the background). The good news is, we were on the Harley float and you'll never guess what? We won!!! Special thank you to all who organised and decorated the float. It looked great.....

We would also like to thank all the people who continually rock up to help us out at our shows. Billy Brown, Bill Russell and Big John Haensel for being the best doormen in town. Tiarne Russell and her friend Nicole who walked the streets every day in the extreme heat handing out our leaflets. Brooksie and his staff at the Services Club for their hospitality. Fraser Motorcycles for providing John with such a magnificent bike, Frank Henry and all those involved with organising the 'Wolverines Poker Run', the Hoggies for inviting us on board their float, and last but not least,  we would like to thank all of you who came to our concerts. We feel for our missed friends from Queensland and Victoria who couldn't come because of the floods. Hopefully, we will see you all again next year.



Tamworth 2011.... We have been having some fun here, both on stage and off. Here are a couple of Photo's to prove it....

Darcy, John & Chris with the 'New Black Harley'! We would like to thank Fraser Motocycles of Homebush for providing this awesome Harley for us this year......

Darcy, John & Chris on stage down in the Dungeon at the Services Club...

These "West Australian Ladies" added some fun to this show. By the way, in case your wondering, the Wolves are the ones with the wigs!!!!!!!

Warren H Williams on stage with the Wolves.

Natalie & Tim from ABC Music with Chris, Darcy & John....



Darcy & Marian battle it out playing the 'Devil Came Down to Tamworth'.

Heaps more photos to come.... Keep checking back, we will try to update some more tonight.



We are preparing for tonights show. The guys are off at present having a photo shoot for the Northern Daily Leader and we are busy setting up the Merchandise table. It's really good having new Tee Shirts, Stubby Holders, Stickers and most of all a new CD/DVD. Think we might even get our Mouse Pads today. Well, here's hoping!

If you ordered a 'Very Best of the Wolverines' CD/DVD, your autoraphed copies are being sent to you today. We threw in a new Bumper Sticker to thank you all for your support.

We will attempt to give you a daily update on what happens in Tamworth, not always possible as we get too busy. It's a bit hot here at present but bearable. There's a great vibe in town so we are expecting a fun time. If your in Tamworth, we will see you at one of our shows.



All 23 Audio Tracks on 'The Very Best of the Wolverines' are now available on iTunes....... Isn't that fantastic news?    -    Tracks listed below......



We are happy to advise all of you that have ordered 'The Very Best of the Wolverines' via our website orders, that the album will be available on Friday the 14th and will be dispatched to you on that day.



We are very happy to announce that our New Album / DVD, 'The Very Best of the Wolverines', will be released in early January. Should you like to pre order your copy, click here to link to our shop. Orders will be dispatched as soon as we receive our copies.



Darcy, Chris & John, and all of us here in the Wolves Den, wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!




Well, did we have some fun this night. We all gathered for the filming of the video clip 'Satan's Just Awaitin'.We knew there was trouble on the horizon when Darcy appeared, stood behind John, and we noticed "Horns" growing out of his hat...... very weird.

Can you see those Horns?

Well the filming began and as you can see, Darcy, Chris & John appeared quite normal....

Bill Brown came along with Chris to keep him company, but Kim the producer, needed a Barman. Enter Billy....

Not knowing if Billy was the best barman for the job, they decided to try his mixes.....

Looks as if they approved ..... Hello, is this the arrival of Satan?

OMG how scary ... Satan looks a bit like Darcy ... Wonder how John felt?

Not phased by the looks of things....

Well it seems, that's all your going to see on here..... It's looking a bit as if there is going to be a new DVD out in the future..... I am not saying anything.

'Satan's Just Awaitin' was Produced by Kim Cardow of Edit Sweet - Cameraman Eric Martin.




Something is going on around here!! Next week the guys are shooting 3 new video clips of songs from 'Good Ol' Boys'. Wonder why? I know that there is a heap of new designs for our merchandise lines which will be available in Tamworth 2011, and there seems to be a certain type of excitement like something good is about to happen. Of course, as usual, nobody ever tells me what it is, but it must be good. As soon as I find out, I'll let you all know............


Being interested in Rodeo's, Boxing and of course we were providing the music, so we turned up at the festival early enough to catch a bit of the excitement. First off, we headed down to see the 'Bad Bulls 'n' Broncs'. Deciding to have a bit of fun, we tried to get in a bull ride or two. The bulls looked at us and decided no thank you, those city slickers are not hopping aboard these backs. Oh well... down to the boxing tent. On the way Darcy, Chris & John decided to have a go at the boxing. Satin shorts and all, into the boxing ring they jumped. Of course they looked so scary that nobody would fight them. Is this story true? Well with a song like 'Bikes, Boats & Bullshit', you make up your own minds.......

On a serious note.... We had a great night. What a fantastic audience. They went along to have fun and fun is what they had. Danced all night, sung along with the band and had a whale of a time. The rodeo was great and it was the first time most of us had seen the boxing in action.

We would like to thank you all for having us. Thank you to the organisers for looking after us so well.....


Well, the day started off not so well..... Darcy & Dawn decided that instead of worrying about how to get to Toowoomba, they would just set their Sat Nav to guide them there by the shortest route. Hmmm.... that route took them around the world through windy roads and in some places the roads weren't even sealed. Not to mention they had never heard of some of the little towns they passed through. Then it started to rain and man oh man it rained. Imagine this, when John & Kim arrived and mentioned that their Sat Nav had found the same route. Apparantley John was ready to deep six his Sat Nav.... Well it gave Chris the Queenslander something to laugh about anyway.....

We had a good night at the City Golf Club. Great to catch up with you all. Good to see you again Annette and also good to hear that your car managed to get you home. Thank you for showing off Mamma's Boobs.......

We would like to thank the management and staff for their hospitality. Theresa looked after us on the night and she did a great job. If you ever want a great motel in Toowoomba, don't look past the Golf Club Motel.... Great place to stay, Thank you.....


It was really great to visit Bowen again for the Annual Fishing Classic. Our bus driver drove us around some of the sites and it was interesting seeing some of the remnants of the filming of the movie 'Australia'. We saw the big 'Bowenwood' sign, which was pretty cool, and also drove up to Flagstaff Hill where we got a great view of the beautiful Whitsundays.

It was a nice sunny day and lots of fish got caught.... A huge crowd turned up to the concert and a lot of fun was had by all. We made a heap of new friends and caught up with some friends we haven't seen for a while.

On the Sunday morning we got up bright and early and went back to the Classic for 'Breakfast with the Stars'. (That's us of course)....The highlight for us was the fantastic Bowen Mango Ices. Pure Mango yummy..... We sat and enjoyed the sun and the concert for a while before having to head back to Proserpine for our flight home.

We would like to thank the organisers, especially Leon, for the hospitality shown to us while we were in Bowen.


Well here we are in Tamworth again. Yesterday the Wolves migrated from their homes to spend the next 12 days here in Tamworth. If last night was any indication of this years shows, then might I tell you that this is going to be one hell of a year of fun.

After a long day of travelling we were all here at around 9.30 last night. Somehow, we ended up having a glass of wine outside and were joined by Louie and Angry. Several glasses of wine later, Louie went off to get his beauty sleep and one of us ladies crashed in bed (it obviously can't have been me, Dawn, or else I wouldn't be here to tell you all this story and Kim hasn't even arrived yet). Wine led to pizzas and more wine and jokes and more bull and more fun. It seemed appropriate to ask Angry what he really thought about the Wolverines. His reply......

Quote: "Ever since I was a kid I have been besottted by the exotic and the bizarre..... The 'Wolverines' are as much fun and more than you can have standing up".



The New Album

'Good Ol' Boys' will be available in Tamworth

and on our website soon!

Wow.. Doesn't time fly? Already, next week we head up to Tamworth    for the festival. Our shows with Angry, Louie & Victoria will be exciting and different, and plus, we can't wait to perform the songs off our new album. Make sure you come along, say g'day, and have a good time.    See you there!

'Good Ol' Boys' recorded at Icon Digital Studios, Gold Coast.

Produced by Louie Shelton.








We're Back - Tamworth 2010! We are really looking forward to working

with Angry again and we assure you that this is going to be a show not to be missed.

Plus we will be performing songs from our NEW ALBUM which will be released at Tamworth.

We will tell you more about the new album in the not to distant future.

See you all in January.......



2008 "MO" Award Winners!


You will be happy to know, that the 2008 "MO Award" for Country Music Group of the Year, was presented to us, last Tuesday night, at the 32nd Annual Australian Entertainment "MO" Awards.

We dedicated our Award to the troops that we met and entertained on our Middle East Tour de Force.



If you find it a bit difficult to recognise the guys in this photo, it is because they are all dressed up!! Don't they look handsome?


•  Chris's auctioneering skills have been given a good workout with 19 auctions at 19 shows……verdict - don't give up your night job Chris…..

•  Great Western Hotel where the canvas print brought $4,000 at the Auction which will help put the Special School Bus back on the road.

•  At Coffs Harbour one wrong button press caused a sensational domino effect …… instead of the lights changing during a song, the curtains began to close, the curtains collected the lighting trees on each side which then fell inwards, simultaneously one set of lights landed on Darcy's head as the other hit Chris. Oblivious, John sat in the middle on the drums asking why there wasn't any light on him! In the melee that followed Darcy's hat was hoisted back up with the lights and he was left running around the stage looking for it. Moral to the story – always wear a hat on stage …. Now who do you think pressed the wrong button? Well, Terry our sound guy was working at the sound desk.  That only leaves Briza!!!

•  John winning the onboard fishing comp (on numbers)- the Mac Tuna he caught somewhere north of Rockhampton was such a guts that it had a belly full of little fish taking JC's tally to five!!! Hmmm, wait till you hear the stories about the big ones that got away.

•  The "obvious reason" that we got such good bids on the auctions, would have to be attributed to the modelling skills of Darcy. Night after night, he would strut the Ocean and Earth packs around, empty wallet and all. Good try Darcy, but may we suggest that you stick to singing and playing guitar.

•  Our talented production guys managed to get themselves, and the Wolves, out of trouble when they snapped a fan belt between Mackay and Gladstone…. After hitching a lift to the nearest town and then back to the truck armed with a new fan belt & arriving just in time for the gig, we would have to say that Terry and Briza are now our official Touring Bush Mechanics .

Many thanks to our support crew : Dawn, Kim, Kae, Greg and Lynne ……….and of course all of the Venues .

Our team at Artist Network Australia …… well done!

Over $35,000 Raised!

Well, we have completed our Sail For Kids Tour and left over $35,000 behind with the communities in the towns where we played…. Along the way there have been some very sad & touching stories , like Jesse from Eumundi who at 15 has a life expectancy of just 2 more years, or the Rocky Special School which had its only bus smashed, and then in Gladstone there was the Bradley Wolf Brave Heart Foundation, and in Cairns, sisters who lost their Mum just before we arrived… We hope we have helped a little.

On the sailing front conditions (and temperatures) slowly improved as we came north. From freezing cold on the NSW coast, we can now enjoy ideal conditions in the Whitsundays where we perform at Airlie Beach & Hamilton Island Race Weeks .

The Wolverines would like to thank everyone who rocked up to the concerts , especially those who dug deep to help the kids & Kids' Charities in each town.

Thanks Southern Cross Ten for all the help.       

Thankyou Ocean & Earth for all the packs we auctioned.



PLUS $20,000 FOR KIDS SO FAR!!!!!! 

Luck has followed our Sail For Kids tour, as we sail up the coast, we are named finalists in the 2007 Mo Awards, Slim Dusty Country Performer/s of the Year. We are the only group amongst an impressive field including Lee Kernaghan, Adam Harvey, Melinda Schneider, Felicity Urquhart and Adam Brand.

17 days into the Sail for Kids Tour and so far our auctions have raised $20,000 for Children's Charities…. The limited edition Wolverines prints have proved very popular, with some unsuccessful bidders even following the concerts up the coast in search of a win!

  • Caloundra Power Boat Club- auction proceeds went to the Children's Ward, Nambour Hospital
  • Hervey Bay Boat Club- Children's Ward
  • Joe's Waterhole, Eumundi- Jesse Olah
  • Brothers Sports Club, Bundaberg- Children's Ward
  • Port Macquarie Panthers Oncology- Section, Children's Ward at the Base Hospital
  • Coffs Harbour supported the Children's Ward at the Campus Hospital
  • Pine Rivers –funds went to Smile for a Child
  • Southport RSL benefited Little Souls - children with Autism
  • Cruising Yacht Club of Australia - Youth Sailing Academy
  • Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club in Newport - Stewart House
  • Gosford RSL - Children's Ward, Gosford Hospital .   

A big thankyou to: Southern Cross Ten, Ocean & Earth, the audiences and the venues.


At the very begining of the Wolverines, Annette, who then lived in Tamworth, turned up at one of the very first Wolves concerts. 14 years later, 100's of concerts up her sleeve, a house full of memorabillia, and even a son named Darcy, guess who turns up at the Pine Rivers concert to bid on the canvas print? It took her 3 concerts to finally get one, but she was determined that she was going to have one to hang on her wall! You just have to look at the smile on her face, to see how happy she is. Good for you Netty!


OVER $10,000 FOR KIDS SO FAR!!!!!!

Ten days into the Sail for Kids Tour and our auctions have raised over $10,000 for Children's' Charities…. The limited edition Wolverines prints have proved very popular, with some unsuccessful bidders even following the concerts up the coast in search of a win!

  • Port Macquarie Panthers auction proceeds went to the Oncology Section of the children's ward at the Base Hospital
  • Coffs Harbour supported the Children's Ward at the Campus Hospital
  • Pine Rivers - funds went to Smile for a Child
  • Southport RSL benefited Little Souls - children with Autism

We'd like to send a big thankyou to:

  • Our major sponsors Southern Cross Ten  
  • Ocean & Earth for the travel packs for each of the auctions
  • The audiences who have been so generous & so supportive

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